About Leadsurveys


LeadSurveys is the brainchild of myself, Kim Doyal, and Gordan Orlic.

I love sharing the story of how we connected because it is probably one of the best examples of the power of relationships.

Gordan’s company, Web Factory ltd had been producing and selling WordPress plugins for themselves as well as white-labelled products for customers. After having sold their plugins through CodeCanyon for a while Gordan decided he wanted to move them off of CodeCanyon and sell them directly. He was doing outreach about helping spread the word and sent me an email about supporting their products through my site, The WPChick. We set up a Skype call, ended up talking for probably close to two hours, then scheduled a podcast interview on The WPChick Podcast.

After the podcast interview Gordan asked me if I had any ideas for a WordPress plugin we could partner on. I had an idea and we started brainstorming. Fast forward a few months and something else caught my attention. I should also tell you that I was having a hard time getting excited about a WordPress plugin because the market is very different and still somewhat averse to spending money. The WordPress space has gotten better with annual renewals but the amount of potential support required for a plugin didn’t seem like a smart ROI.

Back to what caught my attention…

I was visiting another site and went to opt-in for the one-page download. When I clicked the button to opt-in I was thrilled with what I saw. A short little survey prior to entering your name and email address. When I say short I mean literally 3 or 4 simple steps, then the form to submit. I knew immediately that there was a brilliance to this because the person instantly knew that much more about me… from day one!

After trying to hack this a few different ways with tools I already had (and realizing it was custom coded), Gordan and I hopped on Skype.

I asked him if we could pivot directions and the rest they say is history.

LeadSurveys was born.

Gordan Orlic

Gordan Orlic

Gordan specialises in WordPress and takes everything, the good and the bad, that comes with it with a smile. Since 2010 he built and helped build over 100 plugins that made several million dollars in gross revenue.

Shifting away from plugins and white-label work doesn't mean moving away from WordPress, and with the new focus on SaaS, he's still sticking with WordPress as his "platform" of choice.  Starting with LeadSurveys, he hopes to bring the rapid development & deployment mentality from plugins into the SaaS market.

Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal

After almost 10 years online I can honestly say I feel like I know what I’m doing.

The journey here has had plenty of ups and downs but every moment has been worth it. I started my business in 2008 with the intention of building a full-time income so I could stay home with my kids. I was widowed in 2003, with a 6 yr. old and a 2 yr. old. I knew there had to be a better way to support my family than working 50+ hours a week as a retail manager.

That’s when I discovered online marketing.

Within the first 6 months of my business, I discovered WordPress, fell in love and my business started taking shape. I branded myself as “The WordPress Chick” and shared the process along the way. Before I knew it I was doing client websites, had grown my own little agency, and had contractors working for me. The crazy thing is my intention was never to build websites, it just sort of happened. After about 5 years I knew I needed a little more fun in my business and launched “The WPChick Podcast.” I was instantly in love with the medium of podcasting (I’ve always love audio content). I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve done for my business.

As the podcast and brand grew I started feeling like it was time to shift directions. In 2017 I made the decision to shut down all service work so I could focus full time on LeadSurveys and content. Moving into 2018 will see a final farewell to The WordPress Chick, a personal brand to support content and all my energy going into growing LeadSurveys.

I’m fascinated with the idea of building our company through transparency, doing the right thing, and making an amazing product.