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Welcome to the Don’t Give A Fox Podcast DGAF: 000

Don't Give A Fox Podcast

Welcome to the first official episode of “Don’t Give A Fox” Podcast.

To say we’re excited about this would be an understatement. The idea for the podcast came as we got clearer on our messaging. I know, I know, you might be wondering what messaging has to do with lead generation (more specifically, LeadSurveys).

Kick back, get comfortable, and let me tell you a story.

Messaging has everything to do with lead generation.

First, let me give you a little backstory on LeadSurveys and how the entire idea came about. This will be the Clift Notes version since we’ve done a few more in-depth posts (and podcast episodes elsewhere) already. The idea for LeadSurveys came about after I had seen a mini-survey used as an opt-in on another site.

The second I saw the survey (only 3 steps and a handful of questions) I knew instantly that the site owner was gathering GOLD! The information he was gathering about each new subscriber would allow him to cater how he sent communication and marketing to his audience in the future (or directly from the opt-in). Right away I tried to hack what he had created.

I realized it was a custom solution for his site, so I tried to a handful of tools I already have to see if I could make something similar work.

No dice.

Next, I asked one of the developers I had been working with for a few years if he could create a WordPress plugin that did something similar (which would require a lot of conditions on the backend), he said he could do it easily for me but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it as a plugin I could sell (again, I instantly saw the power behind this opt-in survey). I kind of left it alone for a bit then approached my friend Gordan Orlic, who I had connected with earlier that year and we had been working on a plugin idea for WordPress, that I couldn’t get terribly excited about. Mainly because I think there are more opportunities in the Web App space than with WordPress plugins (outside of being able to serve non-WordPress users I knew there would be less push-back about a monthly pricing model).

I remember the Skype conversation like it was yesterday.

We had set up a call to talk about the plugin project and I just asked him, “what are your thoughts about a web app instead?”

Long story short, we tabled the plugin to pursue LeadSurveys.

Fortunately, Gordan has a firm grasp of this space and knew the power behind segmenting subscribers from the point of opt-in (not to mention being super smart and capable of developing it).

This conversation took place in November of 2016. Fast-forward to August of 2017 and here we are.

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Creating the Company and the App

I wish I could say that everything has happened as quickly as we wanted, but just like most things in business, it’s taken a little longer than we intended.

The good thing about things taken longer than we had expected is that we’ve gotten very clear on a few things, one of which is that we don’t want to simply be another ‘tool’ that people pay for and use (or worse yet, sign up for, pay for and never use). Obviously, we’re going to solve a very significant problem for our customers, but we also want to have a relationship with our audience.

Marketing is changing.

And that’s a good thing. I remember when I first got started in this internet marketing space about 9 1/2 years ago. There wasn’t the level of conversation (or content) that there is today. It was a lot of marketers who knew how to buy traffic, write good sales copy, and pitch you their high-end courses and products.

It was a lot of marketers who knew how to buy traffic, write sales copy, & pitch you their expensive products. Click To Tweet

The funny thing is that a lot of those people seem to have faded into the sunset, that or I’ve just lost touch with what they’re doing. I think it’s funny because at the end of the day now, whatever it is you create (free or paid), it has to be quality and have some merit. I’m not just talking about “value”, because we all know that’s supposed to be there, as trite as it may sound. I mean a lot less “man behind the curtain” crap and out there really connecting with people.

It always makes me thing about a marketer I used to follow who would send these boring newsletters.

There would be a big header image in the newsletter (of them of course), maybe one ‘article’ with an image (usually stock photography or worse yet, clip art), then a handful of testimonials from clients saying how awesome this person was, then a big section that showed how you could work with this marketer, and then a generic send off.

Oh… and don’t forget the ‘volume #2, issue #100’ or whatever it was.

The other crazy thing about this type of marketing was that most of these people never had consistent content (this particular person still had everything classified as ‘uncategorized’) because they didn’t think they needed to create content. There was always an air about them that came across as though they didn’t need to create content.

Those days are over.

There are way too many people doing amazing things online if you’re not producing something of value, in a current and fresh way (please stop with the boring content, start telling stories), you’re not relevant.

It’s Not About YOU

Kind of.

Hear me out on this.

Obviously, if you’re telling stories it’s more than likely about you. We talk about what we know, right? The thing is, you have to be willing to share stories that make you relatable, that connects you with your audience. Something that makes your audience say to themselves “OMG! I thought I was the only person who did that!”

Now take that a step further and think about how different your communication would be if you knew:

  • What type of business your subscriber had
  • How big their list is
  • What type of services they pay for
  • What social media platforms they spend the most time on

Those are just a few examples, but think about how you could cater your content AND marketing if you knew exactly who you were talking to.

Game changer, right?

We think so too.

Which is where the podcast comes into play.

Because we didn’t want to be just another web app or tool in your marketing arsenal, we knew content and communication were going to be key in our strategy to connect with our audience (especially since it’s a new audience). We had an initial plan of content all around lead gen (which of course we’re still going to include), but LeadSurveys is about SO much more than capturing leads.

Marketing is moving towards personalization and our goal is to help you get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The content for the podcast will evolve as the app is released and we have case studies to share, but our intention is to talk about how to be a part of this “new” marketing movement. Old school marketing is dead (and no, I’m not referring to solid direct response marketing principles and strategies, like good copy, testing, email marketing, and the psychology behind why people buy).

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